Why Facebook Doesn’t Give a Rip About Your Business

July 1, 2016
It’s surprising to a lot of business owners. They are passionate about their product and service, they know how much they’re able to help people, but a lot of them miss the boat on how to communicate it to their prospective audience. And of course, with the shifts we’ve been seeing on social media over the last year, it’s becoming “in-your-face” obvious that there’s no such thing as free traffic anymore. You’re going to need to pay to have your content be in front of people. For the businesses that already know this and have implemented, even they are finding it increasingly frustrating to navigate “How to Profit from Online Marketing”. Costs per engagement go up. Just last week, I started working with a customer who sells high-ticket items. He has an ad that goes to a lead capture page it converts on par with industry standards it used to cost about $300 to acquire a customer now it costs over $900. This is because their offer was not getting the reach it used to, because it’s not actually adding to people’s experience on Facebook. To top it all of, this week, Facebook announced that they are going to give priority to your friends’ and families’ posts when delivering content to your newsfeed. It’s causing quite the uproar in the marketing world. Frankly, I’m jacked! My competitors are wringing their hands, wondering if they’re going to stay relevant to their clients. So, it’s going to be extra critical that you are a perceived as a friend to your audience! Now, more than ever! See, Facebook’s directive is to provide a wonderful experience for their users. They want people to spend LOTS of time on their platform. This is why they created the in-app internet browser! (So even when people click on a link to go to a website, they haven’t actually left Facebook!) Ok, so what do you need to do as a business? Care about the same thing that Facebook does! — That’s right!! Your audience’s experience. Instead of pushing your offer out there, recreate an experience that people can have so they get a sample of what it’s like to be your customer! Start pushing stories – stories about other customers, stories about your beginnings, stories about why you’re in business. Simply – be engaging! This goes back to something I’ve been saying for years: Don’t Advertise Yourself! Market Yourself! “Ok, Paul – that’s great! Where do I start?” There are literally hundreds of ways to accomplish this, and as creative as you can get, just remember there are three different types of people out there. People who aren’t aware of what you’re about People who are aware, but not ready to buy People who are now ready to buy. Your job is to have communiqué that is literally addressed to each of those segments, which naturally and seamlessly guides them through the process of getting from one segment to the next You can do this easily enough with the power